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Our vision is simple...

Quality matters,  period.


In a world flooded with lackluster services and disposable products, we are committed to the time-honored principles of providing exceptional customer service for an experience that is second to none, and producing goods of superior craftsmanship that last generations.

From the services we provide to the items we craft, delivering quality and value to our customers is paramount.

Myrkheim Rune 2_edited.png

What is Myrkheim

Originating in Norse mythology, Myrkheim was a realm ("Darkhome") that was the home to dwarves; fabled master-craftsmen who created countless works that were both beautiful and functional. 

We at Myrkheim acknowledge the significant impact a positive environment has on one's state of mind; for this reason, we have set out to create a welcoming company that encourages collaboration and creativity. We embrace the healing power of art, beauty, and impassioned labor and have adopted the name to symbolize the triumph that is possible over any darkness by bringing into the world works of art, born of skill and passion, that are both beautiful and functional.

Wood Piles
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